Applied Human Rights – out now!

What if we would see human rights as something we do rather than a legal concept?

I am more than happy to announce the publication of Applied Human Rights (Wageningen Academic Publishers). The chapters are written by an international group of 27 leading experts in a wide range of disciplines and themes, including technology development, social studies, pedagogy, business strategy, public governance, the arts, philosophy and law. I had the honour to work with Bernd Van der Meulen, Purabi Bose, Maike KooijmansJeroen Pouw MScDana FeringaManon van HoeckelDaniëlle AretsKornelia DimitrovaRoberta VaznyteMelchior van VelzenIsa DantumaWouter Sluis-ThieschefferFrederick BruneaultAndréane Sabourin LaflammeMarieke van Vliet – van der GraaffJo-An KampDevid IlievskiSerkan EmeniMichael MulveyBrishna NaderMargot CooijmansDilana Schaafsma, PhDEmile KolthoffJanine JanssenSylvia Sanders and Eveline van Zeeland (Dr.). Thank you Mike Jacobs and marijn van der gaag for the excellent publishing work! 

The book is available open access through this link: Applied human rights (

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